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The Elements Series: Water by Barb Whitney

The Elements Series: Water by Barb Whitney
January 15, 2022 - March 19, 2022
Nelson Gallery | 113 S. Washington Square

Experience the emotion of water at Nelson Gallery's second special exhibition.

The Elements Series: Water by Barb Whitney represents the connotations of water based on the artist's experience, perspective, and research. After examining and documenting the Great Lakes, Barb was fascinated by the implications of the myriad forms it takes — from the energy of liquid waves to the stoicism of frozen monuments. Glacial paintings were inspired by the artist's close friend, Dante Mastri, who spent time hiking in New Zealand. This series explores the artist's own interest in emotions, perceptions, and the passage of time through water, and its pieces are the product of a highly intuitive painting process.

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